Bedfordshire House History Research

Helping you find out about the history of your house in Bedfordshire

No two buildings are the same - they are as individual as you and I - and often have fascinating stories to tell.

Researching the history of your house can reveal your building’s unique past, including information on when it was built, by whom, and who owned the land beforehand.  In many instances research will uncover the original architectural drawings, together with a number of old pictures or illustrations throughout the years.

Houses do not just have an architectural history. They also have a social history, and research can reveal who lived in your property and when, what they did for a living, and can sometimes reveal very personal stories about the occupants and how they lived their lives.

Carrying out a full house history extends beyond what is available freely on-line, and requires an expert with local knowledge, specialist research skills in the area, and access to appropriate documentation.  

When researching into the history of your house in Bedfordshire, we aim to provide:

  • Information as to when your house/building was first built, and who owned the land previously.
  • Copies of historic maps or estate plans detailing the surrounding area before your house was first built.
  • Original and subsequent architectural drawings of the property, if available.
  • Details of previous occupants - their names, occupations and how long they lived there for.
  • A social history of the occupants.    
  • Copies of historic photographs and postcards, if available

We can provide a comprehensive search that includes research into all of the above areas, or we can search on one particular area, for example, a search on historic photos and maps relating to your property.

Our fees are normally £25.00 per hour.  However, if your research requirements are extensive and likely to take more than three days, we can negotiate a lower rate.  Before we undertake any research, we can provide you with an initial free consultation to evaluate your research requirements and the costs involved. 

Please contact us for more details.