Bedfordshire Genealogy Research

A professional genealogy service helping you locate your ancestors in Bedfordshire


Genealogy involves tracing your family line, and correctly identifying who your ancestors were.

At Bedfordshire Genealogy Research, we are a professional service that undertakes all levels of genealogy research, from finding out information on one specific detail of one person, to undertaking a full genealogy birth chart to locate several family members.  

Our service is particularly helpful if you have been unable to find your ancestor(s) yourselves, particularly if the relevant records are not available on-line, and/or Bedfordshire is too far away for you to undertake the research yourself. 

We have our own set of original records that we collated over the last 15 years that we consult when undertaking your research.  In addition to this we consult all the relevant records held at Bedfordshire Archives.  Our lead genealogist, Vicki Manners, was the County Archive Conservator for Bedfordshire Archives - therefore she has a unique insight into the genealogy records held there, particularly those that date back until  c.1550. 

An example of the records we research to help you find establish your Bedfordshire genealogy and pedigree include:

  • Local  parish registers for baptisms/christening, marriage and burial records
  • Regional Bishops transcripts
  • Local non-conformist church records
  • Civil registration records
  • Probate records and Wills relating to Bedfordshire
  • Monumental inscriptions
  • Cemetery records
  • Local manorial deeds
  • Local trade directories
  • Census and land tax records

If your ancestors are in Bedfordshire we can search records that date back to c.1537.  However, should you wish us to extend your genealogy research outside of Bedfordshire, we can also undertake a UK- wide genealogy search outside of Bedfordshire, and in doing so would aim to establish your genealogy line back to approximately 1850.

​Our fees are normally £25.00 per hour.  However, if your research requirements are extensive and likely to take more than three days, we can negotiate a lower rate.   Before we undertake any research, we can provide you with an initial free consultation to evaluate your research request and the costs involved. 

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